Working Papers

Work in Progress

Dominance and Dissent: Party Influence and Social Unrest in South Africa

“Public Servants in Private Firms”


Long-Run Impacts of the Conflict in Ukraine on Food Security in Africa (with Lacina Balma, Tobias Heidland, Hendrik Mahlkow, Adamon N. Mukasa, and Andinet Woldemichael)

Kiel Policy Brief, Ukraine Special No. 1, 2022

Alleviating global poverty: a note on the experimental approach (with Peter Fredriksson, Eva Mörk, Torsten Persson, and Jakob Svensson)

In Poverty in Contemporary Economic Thought (Eds. Mats Lundahl, Daniel Rauhut, and Neelambar Hatti). London: Routledge, 2021

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), 2017

Ekonomisk Debatt 44(7), 2016